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We Are Listening - We See You, 2019
Acrylic, ink, various mediums and paper on 30 12”x12” canvases

We Are Listening depicts a conversation between individuals across the broad and varied spectrum of the United States. It illuminates not only who we are as a country, but the focus of the work of KFF, which is always on people. We all want to be heard, represented and included. The artist imagines us facing each other and listening attentively with curiosity, empathy, and openness. At KFF we listen to everyone and give people a voice through our analysis, polling and journalism.

San Francisco artist Soad A. Kader builds up subtle reliefs in the shape of diverse, silhouetted profiles inspired by the ancient relief carvings and rich color palettes of her Egyptian heritage. While each canvas represents an individual, the composition focuses on shape, color, texture, and the relationship between canvases to emphasize the qualities of paying attention, making connection and listening to one another.