I make cutouts from the printed profile photographs I capture of my diverse community, arranging them into a temporary relationship of parts. I photograph my constructions with shadows and spaces enjoying the imperfections of the printed hand-cut paper edges, then my collage is printed onto a raw wood panel to incorporate the grain in the final artwork. My process and medium, using both analog and digital techniques speak to our flexibility and fluidity - past, present, future taking a peek into the layered and textured topography of our ever-changing inner worlds.

Silhouetted profiles of my "Inner Worlds" series abstract the individual, nudging us to connect to their inner qualities and to see our commonalities. When hung together they reveal the interconnectedness of our shared humanity through abstractions of repeating colors, textures, shapes and patterns reflecting qualities of inner life as a call to know and connect to ourselves and each other more deeply, beyond our outer profiles. Shining a light on self-reflection and self-awareness and connecting to the kaleidoscope of life within can help us each increase our capacity to appreciate those qualities in others. By acknowledging what we find inside we have an opportunity to make choices about what to keep and what to release in the process of our personal and communal growth and evolution.