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buscando el abrazo

buscando el abrazo (in search of the embrace) is a series of small format monotypes* mostly in black and white which focus on an embraced dancing couple viewed from overhead… see and feel the nuances of movement and connection of an embrace in motion.

Through an embrace (abrazo) we can feel our partners, feel our own emotions, feel our body, feel the music, feel the movement, and feel a connection all which we hope to respond to or express each time we come together and step out onto the dance floor. Dancing tango requires complete presence with, connection to, and trust in one’s partner. The process of learning this sensual, improvisational dance reveals layers of metaphor for life, relationships, intimacy.

*Monotypes are one-of-a-kind hand made prints made by drawing or painting on a non-absorbent surface and then transferring the image onto a sheet of paper.