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Kaleidoscopic Inner Worlds reference portraits of my Egyptian heritage reimagined into portals of self awareness highlighting the beauty we have inside us. These abstract portraits envision conversations we have with ourselves and each other to deepen our listening, seeing, and understanding. We tend to focus on our outer lives, moving so fast that we lose touch with our inner selves, our whole selves. This imbalance causes dis-ease in our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. Inner Worlds beckon us to give more attention inward to examine old patterns and stories that do not serve us, and then rewrite new ways forward in our personal and communal healing.

Connecting to my diverse community of participants turned models I photograph them to get my source material for the collage process. With the images of hair, accessories, and textiles I compose within a silhouetted profile. I then photograph and print the composition onto a raw wood panel to incorporate the wood grain in the final artwork. Weaving analog and digital techniques sheds light on our need for inclusion of multiple perspectives to find answers to our shared and layered challenges. By seeing ourselves in the variety of portraits, we feel included and empowered to build our futures together. Inner changes leading to outer changes.

Inner Worlds III
archival pigment uniquely uv printed on wood panel 10"x10"x 1" each portrait

Inner Worlds II
archival pigment uniquely uv printed on wood panel 10"x10"x 1.5" each portrait

One of a kind, just like you.
They're great on their own and in pairs, families, and other groupings.

Available through StudioSoad