Silhouetted profile portraits of Inner Worlds abstract the individual focusing our attention on their inner essence as a call to see, connect, and know ourselves and each other more deeply, beyond our outer profiles. When hung together, the portraits highlight the interconnectedness of our humanity by repeating abstractions of color, shape, and pattern.

Soad's portraits are an invitation to be fully present with ourselves in self-reflection and awareness with curiosity and openness to learning. By connecting to the full range of life within, we can acknowledge what we find inside and make choices about what to keep and what to release in the process of our healing, growth and evolution.

Soad makes cutouts from the printed profile photographs she captures of her diverse communities, arranging them into a temporary relationship of parts. She photographs her constructions with shadows and spaces including the imperfections of the printed hand-cut paper edges. Her compositions are then printed with archival pigments onto a raw wood panels to incorporate the wood grain in the final one of a kind artwork. Soad's process and medium, using both analog and digital techniques speak to curiosity, exploration, and play in the process of becoming.

Inner Worlds
archival inks printed on raw wood panel 10"x10"x 1" each portrait

One of a kind, just like you.
They're great on their own and in pairs, families, and other groupings. Enjoy choosing yours!

Available through StudioSoad