Better Questions

In these works I am extending my "Inner Worlds" explorations by making a series of monotypes exploring the oval frame for my profile silhouttes as a nod to nostalgic portrait forms while centering historically maginalized people as the subjects. We all need to remember that we are here and valued and beautiful in art and in the world.
I use the profile silhouette in my artwork to talk about the ways in which what we carry inside us plays out in the world around us. Awareness and agency can lead us to make changes if we are willing to probe deeper and ask better questions of ourselves, our stories, our layered inner lives, the systems and the communities we're a part of and how they affect us. What do we keep or let go to better align with ourselves and create the life we want?

monotypes on paper
made at Kala Art Institute in 2023

About Artist Soad Kader

Working within the mediums of collage, painting, printmaking and installation, Soad Kader explores ideas of connection, empowerment, joy and wholeness from the inside out. Informed by her ongoing journey of becoming more fully herself within her multiracial, multicultural, immigrant heritage living and learning on four continents, Soad encourages us to also step more fully into ourselves. Inner worlds create outer worlds. Soad’s work invites us to appreciate the beauty of our inner treasures and tribulations to better align our pleasures, power and purpose.