Soad speaks about her work in short video format. Enjoy!

Layering paper, fabric, wood, along with photos Soad captured from time with her diverse community of models, she makes a collage within a silhouetted profile to explore ideas of belonging, identity, personal agency and wholeness. The artist then photographs and prints the composition onto a raw wood panel to incorporate the wood grain in the final artwork. Weaving analog and digital techniques helps shed light on our need for inclusion of multiple perspectives to find answers to our shared and layered challenges. Kaleidoscopic “Inner Worlds” reference Soad’s Egyptian heritage remembering the many reliefs and painted profile portraits of the ancients and they also show us the beauty we all have inside us and between us. These portraits envision conversations we want to have with ourselves and each other, a way to deepen listening, seeing and understanding. By seeing ourselves in the variety of portraits, we feel included and empowered to create our futures together.