Making YES!Everything that you love arranged together to urge you on toward more of what you love!    

Create Your YES! Book


Make a personal collection of spontaneous collages with images of or that conjure things you love and make you feel YES! Colors, vistas, objects, textures, flavors, experiences, people, sensations, sounds - anything that attracts you like a magnet. Create Your YES! Book workshop is a chance to be present to connect to your inner self love and joy and explore. We'll meet online through Zoom from the comfort of your space or when can meet in a place together.

When & Where: We decide together

            Inquire about private sessions for you and your friends, colleagues, family.

Gather supplies

  • A blank spiral sketch book (or blank loose paper)

  • a pencil or pen

  • magazines that pull you in, that you love to look at, three different ones

  • scissors

  • a glue stick

Create your environment with space to work, uplifting sounds, treats to taste and smell. Making your surroundings feel good, helps you get in the mood.

Why: Because it feels YES! Good. YOU. Connecting to our being, our joys and desires is a salve for the day to day. Remembering to love more. Trying something different can help us see anew, outside of the habitual and bring feelings of peace and joy.

As you get ready to join me for a make your Yes! Book experience via Zoom (info below) think about your intention for the time you are setting aside for yourself to explore what you LOVE. Gather your supplies and make space on a table, floor, bed - anywhere you feel comfortable. Plan for your senses to be awakened by choosing what you want to taste, smell, hear while you look, cut, paste. I like to diffuse essential oils, sip tea and play my favorite tunes that lift me up. Anything to ease your way into yourself so your time is more enjoyable in all the ways.

Create Your YES! Book Workshop

by Artist Soad Kader

Bring more joy! Available for either online video or onsite in-person workshop sessions for work, family, or friendship bonding time.

I look forward to connecting with you - enjoy this beautiful day!

Soad Kader

studio visits or video chats by appointment

Shukran! Gracias! Eskerrik Asko! Thank you! Grazie!