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KNOWING OURSELVES (a solo exhibit)

DATE: January to June 2023

LOCATION: San Francisco 185 Berry Street - China Basin Campus, Lobby One --- Lots of public transit & China Basin Parking Garage, 920 3rd Street

OPEN: M-F 8am-5pm

GATHER: You, your friend, and I will meet there for a private artist discussion. Let's do it!

MIX & MINGLE: 3-6PM on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

PREVIEW: Quick Video Intro or Installation Photo or Installation Photo 2 or Installation Photo 3

PURCHASE: CONTACT SOAD directly to arrange purchase. Artworks in exhibit are at two price points: $700 & $1200 each silhouette portrait.

Solo Exhibit organized and installed by curator Joyce Faulknor with the support of McCarthy|Cook at China Basin -- Thank you!

Knowing OurselvesKnowing OurselvesKNOWING OURSELVES
WHEN: January to July 2023
OPEN: M-F 8am-5pm
LOCATION: San Francisco 185 Berry Street - China Basin, Lobby One --- Lots of public transit & China Basin Parking Garage, 920 3rd Street
GATHER: You, your friend, and I will meet there for a private artist discussion. Let's do it!
Solo Exhibit organized and installed by curator Joyce Faulknor with the support of McCarthy|Cook at China Basin -- Thank you!



BEDFORD GALLERY  - visit at The Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California

April 15 – June 25, 2023

About Face, a juried and invitational exhibition, examines the age-old tradition of portraits, using a contemporary lens to challenge traditional portraiture with current concepts and perspectives. Dating back nearly 12,000 years to the Neolithic era where portraits took the shape of plastered human skulls, the act of capturing a human likeness has evolved into paintings, sculpture, photographs, film, and video that represent an individual and offer insight into how (and when they lived. This exhibition seeks to celebrate contemporary portraits and explore how the genre continually changes and shifts as artists respond to the present moment.

Juried by Zoë Later, Associate Curator and Director of Public Programs, ICA San Jose, and David Reyes, Head of Exhibition Installation and Design, Huntsville Museum of Art, About Face includes nearly 100 local, national, and international participants. For many of the artists in this exhibition, rendering humans is an opportunity to record, identify, and educate viewers about contemporary shifts in societal values and perceptions. 

           Participating Artists

  • Donna Anderson Kam
  • Charles Antolin
  • Claire Astrow*
  • Tamera Avery
  • Brandin Barón
  • Linda Belden
  • Angelique Benicio
  • Ashlie Benton
  • Robin L. Bernstein
  • Kim Brewer
  • Dennis Brown*
  • Donna Brown
  • Jamie Burnside
  • Dottie Lo Bue
  • Carolina Caples
  • John Casey
  • Jane Cavala
  • Bora Choi
  • Susan Cole
  • Travis Collinson
  • Linda Craighead
  • Nimisha Doongarwal
  • Dance Doyle
  • Cheryl Drake
  • Katie Drum
  • Azma Elham
  • Beth Fein
  • Jane Fisher
  • Lisa Franklin
  • Carlos Gamez de Francisco
  • Bushra Gill
  • Carla Golder
  • Elizabeth Gorek
  • Julie Grantz
  • Jo Hamilton*
  • Monica Haro
  • Judy Hirabayashi
  • Russell Houlston
  • Lisa Jetonne
  • Kacy Jung
  • Soad Kader
  • Mary Kalin-Casey
  • Sherry Karver
  • Rebecca Keyes
  • TaVee McAllister Lee
  • Alma Leppla
  • JoAnn Lieberman
  • Jackie Liu
  • Madison Lloyd
  • Jennifer Lugris
  • Peggy Magovern
  • Marbie*
  • James Woods Marshall
  • Katie McCann
  • Lisa McElroy
  • Derra McWilliams
  • Mary Mocas
  • Johansen Newman
  • Tracy Nickolaus
  • Daisy Patton
  • Vivian Patton
  • Burt Peng
  • Joel Daniel Phillips*
  • Jude Pittman
  • Roz Ritter
  • Mary Lou Grace Robison
  • David Rothman
  • Bill Samios
  • Victor Sanchez
  • Pallavi Sharma
  • Barbara Silverman
  • Ema H. Sintamarian
  • Robynn Smith
  • Tony Speirs
  • Marnie Spencer
  • Julianne Sterling
  • Wolfgang Stiller*
  • Melissa Stone
  • Ariel Strong
  • Jessamyn Sweet
  • Jonathan Valdivias
  • Brian Van Camerik
  • David Van Ness
  • Nicolas Vionnet
  • Chiachen Wang
  • Andy Warhol*
  • John Watson
  • Lin Wei
  • Ji Seon Yoon
  • Linda Yoshizawa
  • Dianne Yudelson

                     *Invitational Artists




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WHEN: February 25 -  April 8, 2023

LOCATION: Arc Gallery & Studios - - 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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Carlo Abruzzese, Afatasi The Artist, Ali Blum, Richard Bolingbroke, Jessica Dunne, Annie Galvin, Daniel Galvez, Jordan Herren, Soad Kader, Hope Kroll, Jeff Long, Bao-Khang Luu, Stephen Namara, Linda Raynsford, Fernando Reyes, Wendy Robushi. Luz Marina Ruiz, Harumo Sato, Siana Smith, Anne Subercaseaux, Rachel Tirosh, Victoria Veedell, Hilary Williams, and Holly Wong


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