My mission is to encourage people to connect to themselves and each other in fresh and meaningful ways. I do this with the artwork and the experiences I create. I focus on themes of connecting with more joy in our uniqueness, diversity, and interconnectedness and through an appreciation of our multiplicities of seeing and being. With awareness and practice we can balance out the rising tide of loneliness and come together to enjoy more fulfilling lives.

Providing opportunities for people to connect and feel good with themselves in the present moment is also a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and a foundational step toward creating a more just and equitable world. By nurturing self-worth and inner strength, individuals become not only advocates for change but also beacons of empowerment, inspiring positive shifts in themselves and their communities.

Here are some ways we can work together:

  • Choose and display my art: Available artwork for sale seen online or can be commissioned to recognize the people in your world.

  • Commission an installation: We work together to come up with how best to represent and celebrate your family, friends, colleagues, team, inspirations through a personalized group portrait in my "Inner Worlds" style or "More of what You Love" style made just for you.

  • Hire me to create and facilitate an interactive experience: Connect to your inner world and to community through art seeing and making, along with interactive activities and conversations. Build connections to self and others. Expand community. Discuss artwork by contemporary artists. Develop creative skills for self expression and connecting to your joys.

  • Hire me to create and facilitate an interactive experience and a commissioned artwork: Create an experience plus artwork with your community where they participate in the making of the artwork through modeling, and by talking about the inner worlds ideas with each other and the meaning it has for them—and then having the completed commissioned collaborative artwork installed as a reminder and continued inspiration of shared values and vision.

  • LET'S WORK TOGETHER - Contact me to imagine and create your project.

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