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Look Closer
archival pigment uniquely uv printed on wood panel, 48" x 12"

Complimentary colors bringing out the best in each other in this piece -
Green: New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature
Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth

Let’s look closer at this moment in our lives and how we got here. In thinking about the layers of our inner selves we can ask ourselves how what we don’t know can and does affect us even if we wish ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t matter worked. How does that lack of self-knowledge affect our choices and progress in our lives and in our greater society?

Our lack of self-awareness has ripple effects outward with effect such as hindering meaningful societal change by perpetuating biases, impeding effective communication, maintaining resistance to change, fostering inauthentic advocacy, and limiting empathy. Looking closer at ourselves we can recognize our own contributions to systemic issues, make conscious choices aligned with our values, and engage in transformative actions that lead to positive personal and societal change.

I photograph my diverse community to include their hair, clothes, and environments to create collage material for these images. I then print, cut up and mix up these pieces to collage an arrangement representing our moving multilayered inner world. I photograph and uniquely uv print the composition onto a raw wood panel for the final artwork. Weaving analog and digital techniques mirrors our need for inclusion of multiple approaches to find answers to our shared and layered challenges. Looking closer gets us farther.