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More Of What You Love
(3 of 4) polyptych each panel 16"x16"x1.5"
archival pigment uniquely uv printed on wood panel
SOLD (at Arc Gallery)

How much do you let yourself love what you love? That deep resounding feeling of yes! Colors, spaces, people, vistas, objects, textures, flavors, experiences, sensations, sounds - anything that attracts you like a magnet from your heart. This Yes is about giving yourself permission to shift focus of what is a priority from what’s good for you over to what makes you feel good. Loving what you love guides you to live a life aligned with your true desires, values, and aspirations to let your authentic self shine. When you wholeheartedly embrace and pursue the things that bring you joy, you cultivate a deeper connection and love with your true self. This joy radiates outward inspiring and positively impacting others. Yes please do and be more of what you love!

Connecting to her diverse community of participants, Soad’s process weaves both analog and digital methods of photography, collage, painting, and printing to arrive at the final one-of-a-kind artwork. Reflecting on our own delights, our common humanity, and embracing our interconnectedness, images of textile patterns, hair, or background textures from all participants are combined in creating More Of What You Love.

Working within the mediums of collage, painting, printmaking and installation, Soad explores ideas of connection, empowerment, joy and wholeness from the inside out. Informed by her ongoing journey of becoming more fully herself within her multiracial, multicultural, immigrant heritage living and learning on four continents, Soad encourages us to also step more fully into ourselves. Inner worlds create outer worlds. Soad’s work invites us to appreciate the beauty of our inner treasures and tribulations to better align our pleasures, power and purpose.