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Coming Together (diptych 2of 2)
archival pigment uniquely uv printed on two wood panels, each 48" x 12"
SOLD (by Arc Gallery)

What if the possibility we aspire to is already present? How can we make our longings more visible, more present each day? What are we willing to open ourselves up to, or transform? What if we were to live as if the space between ourselves as we are, and what we long to become, has already come together? How do we feel about coming together into our wholeness?

Each half of the diptych Coming Together mirrors the other to inspire reflection and conversation around these questions. This continues Soad’s exploration of Inner Worlds which is the title of an ongoing series of abstract profile portraits. In Coming Together Soad goes deeper beyond the outlines of an individual face to focus completely on the kaleidoscopic patterns making up our collective insides.
Connecting to her diverse community of participants, Soad’s process weaves both analog and digital methods of photography, collage, painting, and printing to arrive at the final one-of-a-kind artwork. Speaking to our interconnectedness, images of textile, hair, or background patterns and textures from all participants are mixed together in creating Coming Together.

Working within the mediums of collage, painting, photography, printmaking and installation, Soad explores ideas of belonging, connection, empowerment and wholeness from the inside out. Informed by her ongoing journey of becoming more fully herself within her multiracial, multicultural, immigrant heritage living and learning on four continents, Soad encourages us to also step more fully into ourselves. Inner worlds create outer worlds. Personal transformation is not easy, but it is rewarding. Soad’s work invites us to appreciate the beauty of our inner treasures and tribulations to better align our pleasures, power and purpose.